Cheryl McDonald

Let the Story Unfold

I make art that captures the details of life in the past and in the present. My subjects include the latest finds in the garden or farmers market, found moments in time left behind, or treasures I have discovered along the way. I use various media including pencil, watercolor, and pen & ink.

I am a California Native with family roots in Ridgecrest. I moved to the Long Beach Area for about 20 years starting in the mid 1980’s where I continued my art education and building my art career. In 2005, I moved to San Francisco. In 2010, I was ready to get out of the city and circumstances led me back to Ridgecrest to take over my family home. I have created in many mediums for illustration and fine art.

I never cease wanting to create and exploring new mediums and experiences enhances my life and it is a gift I have been blessed with and feel required and happy to share.