Seth Lackey

Seth Lackey lives in Oxnard, California, and spends most of his time along the coast, the beaches, the mountains, and the deserts.  He especially loves landscape and surf photography. He also loves the local beaches, our National Parks, rust, birds, automotive, and capturing the abstract. 

He is Featured in Tri-County-Sentry November 2020.
Also in the Studio Gallery, Channel Islands Harbor, Fishermans Wharf. 

Photography is a perfect medium for capturing a specific place and time and a great photo is all about being in the right place at the right time. Personally, Seth finds that photography allows him to slow time down and it puts him directly in the moment more than anything else.  He refers to his photography as “photo art” because I often enjoy putting a more artistic spin on some of my images. His photography prints blend well in homes, restaurants, businesses, and galleries
Seth is also the Artist of the Oxnard Beach Photo Mosaic community art project and will have prints for sale.


Artists, Fine Art, Photography