Julie Sewell

Oakland transplant Julia Sewell combines vivid colors, layered textures, and compelling designs to her current passion of creating Mandalas. Mandalas are symmetrical designs that radiate out from the center. She has been designing Mandalas since 2018. Julia works with acrylic paint and various finishes on different surfaces, including wood, stone, canvas, glass, and clay. She plans to work on large surfaces, walls and fences, similar to the Mandalas she painted on gates at her home in Oxnard.

“Mandalas are often used as a focal point in meditation. The act of making a Mandala is a meditation practice for me. Everything else fades away as I design and paint. Creating brings me great joy and I pass this on in each piece I design.”

Julia has a background in graphic and web design, dance, and languages and an MA in Multimedia. Julia has taught printmaking through UC Extension programs, the Mendocino Art Center, and K-12 school classes. Visit FlyingBuddhaDesign.com for samples of her work.


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