Julie Merrill

Julie Merrill

As far back as I can remember I have always loved color. I really loved my color book as a little one and even ate my crayons as they looked like they would taste good.

I am a graduate of Sonoma State University, Art Major with an emphases in Watercolor.

Working for Patagonia as a colorist and print designer gave me a lot of experience with the dyeing of fabric and working with the coloring of products.

I studied studio watercolor with Cathy Quiel in Santa Barbara and recently studied with her in Sicily, Italy where she led a watercolor class..

For the last several years I have studied with Tom Henderson, plein air, also Santa Barbara.

I have also had workshops with Brenda Swenson and Charles Reid.

Working with beginners is one of my most fun experiences.  I teach them the real basics of watercolor, making it simple and fun.

Clouds, Trees, seascapes, landscapes, people, etc.

We do step-by-step painting, we work with other watercolor artists work and we also work from photographs, and still life.

As weather permits we also paint plein air.

Watercolor should be fun and this is what I want everyone to experience when they take my classes, this is not a serious class, or it is as serious as YOU want it o be.

I do have some amazing students who started as beginners and have become amazing painters.

I don’t eat my crayons anymore, but sometimes I would like to.


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