Christina Altfeld

Christina Altfeld Born and raised in Sweden, Christina Altfeld emigrated to the United States when 11 years old. She was gifted a camera, which not only sparked an early love for art in her life, but also served as a form of visual expression as she navigated her new home and language. She is a […]

Melinda Mercado

Melinda Mercado Studied Art Illustration and Marketing at California State University, Northridge- graduated in 2014. Drawn to single subject matter compositions, abstract expression, nature landscapes. Inspired by nature and the play of zooming perspectives. Specializing in acrylic paint and exploring the juxtaposition between colors, shapes, and lines.

Don Fay

Don Fay Paintings and drawings

Marianne Norton

Marianne Norton Papel Amate Wall Art and Otomi Embroidery made by artisans of small Northern Sierra, Mexico villages.

Ann Galloway

Ann Galloway As a fine arts major I’ve painted in acrylics and worked in print making. After a 28 year detour into teaching I took up watercolor painting. I’ve been working in watercolor for about 15 years. I enjoy plein air painting which is painting outdoors as well as studio work. Some of my teachers […]