Jeri Sutherling

I graduated from Florida State University with a BSN, PHN in Nursing, a far cry from the artist I always wanted to be. My career was punctuated with lots of excitement: UCLA pediatric liver and heart transplant team, head nurse medical ICU, Administrator, Consultant, BUT something was missing. The desire and creativeness inside oneself never cease to exist if you are an artist. In some it is the epitome of life itself and no matter how much it is stifled it continues to multiply until it finally explodes or implodes, either releasing that passion or extinguishing the light. In 2006 I began taking art classes and art history at Pierce College which made me smile again and changed my life for the better. I always wanted to get better and learn more so off I went to take classes and workshops at Kline Academy of Art. I paint in both oils, acrylics and occasionally pastels. September 2011 my show career began, winning ‘Best in Show’. Since then I have won numerous awards and have been accepted in to every show I’ve entered.