Cheryl McDonald

As a multi-disciplined artist, I create images intricately defined by the medium with which I am working and the emotion I want to express. My drawings, paintings, and photographs explore and tell stories that invite the viewer to connect in an intimate way through memories of personal experience.

A Little History About Me

I am a California Native with family roots in Ridgecrest. I have lived in cities and rural places in California and love being in both settings. There is so much to learn from everywhere I have been and everyone I have ever met. These are the experiences I draw from to create my art.

Although I have some formal education, I find that the best way for me to grow is by experimenting on my own. I have traveled, created, and sold art in the United States, Europe, and Taiwan.

I never cease wanting to create and am always exploring new mediums and having new experiences to enhance my life. Art creation is a gift I have been blessed with, and feel required and happy to share.