August 24, 2019

Art Walk Starts at 10:00 AM at
Wooley and Harbor Boulevard, Oxnard!

Don’t miss the 3rd annual Art Walk at the Shores in Oxnard on Saturday, August 24, 2019, from 10 am to 3 pm.</ br>
Over 50 local artists
ArtWalk starts at Harbor and Wooley
Maps available online or at the event


Cris Dennis

Christina Altfeld

Dave Gardner

Anne Levinson

Suzanne Schechter

Robert Hildebrand

Douglas Cloutier 

Desiree East

Marcy Burrell

Donna Avery

Ann Galloway

Jason Mascow

Jack Sierad

Stacy Garvey

Shannon Celia

Donna Leite

Patrick Shauer

April Nickerson

Felicia Mason

Melody Pearson

RJ LaMendola

Shannon Hatton

Rosina Maize

Nathanial Roberts

Lauren Munro

Amy Hall

Jeri Sutherling

Laura Skidmore

Sherry Anderson

Kevin Ward

Nancy Klein