Saturday, August 26, 2023

Don’t miss the 6th Annual Art Walk at the Shores in Oxnard



Get ready for a fantastic day of live music with The Hairy Monks – a talented and energetic band from the local music scene. This dynamic group is made up of five incredibly talented musicians. Cris Dennis, the lead vocalist, is an expert on acoustic and electric 6 & 12 string guitar, mandolin, and harmonica. Eric Kenoss brings groovy bass lines to the mix, while Jose Hernandez Jr. sets the beat with his electronic drums. Kara Quiros spruces things up with her electric guitar skills, and Carl Thompsen brings impeccable rhythm on acoustic/electric guitar. The band will be showcasing a mix of their captivating original songs. Come join the fun-filled musical event at the popular Red Tandem Brewery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artists set up in individual locations within Oxnard Shores, most commonly in the residential driveways, sometimes in garages or in-home studios.

The event is free!